UI / Look&Feel

  • Changed: New bootsplash and theme for UMS 6.01.100

IGEL Cloud Gateway (ICG)

  • Changed: Stabilized ICG connections in UMS High-Availability Environments (UMS HA)
  • Fixed: Sub-Certificates (ICG) were not visible right after creation. A refresh was necessary.
  • Fixed: A used mass deployment key was not exportable. (UMS Console > Global Configuration > Cloud Gateway Options)
  • Fixed: The usage count of first-authentication keys did not change. (Affected: Only the GUI representation in UMS Console > Global Configuration > Cloud Gateway Options)

UMS (common)

  • Fixed: All certificate management actions, which generate a new network token, failed to save the network token. (Only in HA environment)
  • Changed: Thin Clients have been renamed "Devices".

Console (common)

  • Fixed: The download link in UMS Update Check could not be opened on some operating systems. (UMS Console > Help > UMS Update Check)


  • Fixed: The function Take over settings from... did not work, when the UMS was connected to a PostgreSQL database. (UMS Console > device > context menu)
  • Fixed: Sometimes an empty error dialog occurred by selecting a device (happened only if an assigned file has been deleted before).

Firmware Customization

  • Fixed: The manual import of firmware customizations from older UMS versions was not possible. (UMS Console > System > Import > Import Firmware Customizations)

Automatic License Deployment (ALD)

  • Fixed: Changing the default proxy in the GUI did not change the default proxy in the backend sometimes. (Only a server restart fixed the bug)
  • Changed: Improved the token validation dialog to be more user friendly. (UMS Console > Global Configuration > Licenses > Deployment > Register Pack)

Console (administration section)

  • Changed: Improved certificate validation mechanism (UMS Console > Global Configuration > Certificate Management)
  • Fixed: The 'host' entry in ICG remote installer dialog is now editable for wildcard certificates (e.g.: *.xyz.com). (UMS Console > Administration Tree > UMS Network > Igel Cloud Gateway > Install new ICG Cloud Gateway)

Administrative tasks

  • Fixed: The administrative task Create backup failed for external databases when the task was configured to include licenses and files, which is only possible for the embedded database. (UMS Console > Administration Tree > Global Configuration > Administrative Tasks)
  • Fixed: An issue where the next execution time of admin tasks was not properly calculated. (UMS Console > Administration Tree > Global Configuration > Administrative Tasks)

Server (common)

  • Fixed: The certificate key pair import fails, if the UMS data directory differs from the default. (UMS Console > Administration Tree > Global Configuration > Certificate Management)

Administrator application

  • Fixed: It was not possible to delete created database backups even after a restart of the UMS Administrator.

Installer (Linux)

  • Fixed: The update installation on Linux OS will no longer ask for the installation directory.