Universal Management Suite (UMS) can help you manage large thin client installations. Often you will want to search or filter for objects with certain properties, and UMS offers a wide selection. For advanced searches, however, you might need Regular Expressions, a powerful feature built into UMS.

You can use them in:

  • Quick Search
  • Misc > Search
  • Views > New View
  • Edit > Edit Configuration > System > Registry > Search parameter ...
  • UMS Administration > Global Configuration >Default Directory Rules

UMS uses Java Regular Expressions. These are different from the globbing patterns that you may know from the DOS/Windows Command Prompt or the Linux commandline. For example, instead of using * to match any number of characters, in UMS you use:


Here the . matches any character. The * acts as a quantifier, stating how often the preceding pattern may occur, in this case zero or more times.

So, if you want to find something that begins with IGEL, use:


Something begining with IGEL and ending with 12:


If you want to find something ending with IGEL:


Find out more about Java Regular Expressions in Oracle's documentation.