After a UMS Server update, an update of the UMS Console on client machines is needed.


Perform the following steps for an unattended/silent installation of the UMS Console:

  1. Create a config file:
    In cmd or powershell:
    C:\[download directory]\setup-igel-ums-windows_x.y.z.exe /saveinf="[config-file]"
  2. Use the wizard displayed to complete the installation while recording it to the config file. 
  3. Install:
    C:\[download-directory]\setup-igel-ums-windows_x.y.z.exe /loadinf="[config-file]" /silent
    An installer window prompting the user may appear, but the installation will complete in the background, regardless.
This applies only to the UMS installer for Windows.

Silent installation is only possible for the UMS Console. It is not possible for the UMS Administrator and the UMS Server.