After the first HA server is installed and the data has been moved to it, you can install further components, i.e. further UMS Servers, Load Balancers, UMS Console.

  1. Install further servers and check the installation. For the instructions, see Adding Further Servers to the HA Network.
    The data will automatically be synchronized between the HA servers, see How to Detect Which Files Are Synchronized Automatically.
  2. After all UMS Servers have been installed, update the host assignment for job execution. For the instructions, see Updating Host Assignment for Job Execution

If you have used and adjusted the DNS alias and the DHCP option, the following step is NOT required since the device can resolve the name igelrmserver correctly.

In the local configuration, the device always remembers the IP of the UMS Server of its first registration. It is thus possible that the old IP address is displayed under System > Remote Management. Therefore, it makes sense to manually set an entry for remote administration after the migration:

  1. Create a profile in the UMS:
    • Go to System > Remote Management and click Add.
    • Under UMS Server, enter the IP of the new UMS Server.
  2. Apply this profile globally, to the entire structure.