UMS, Common

  • Removed: It is no longer possible to create UDC 2 licenses manually from smartcard (Smartcard was directly connected to the UMS Console). It is still possible to configure and use a thin client as UDC 2 smartcard license server. (Automatic Licensing) 
  • Removed: Support for SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 R2 databases. (Incompatible SSL certificates)
  • Fixed: Bug in Automatic License Deployment which occurred with UD Pocket devices. If the amount of registered unlicensed UD Pocket devices was higher than the amount of available licenses of one token, no license could be deployed.
  • Fixed: Automatic UDC2 license deployment created several identical licenses for the same thin client.
  • Fixed: Offline user manual in UMS Console did not open on Linux OS.
  • Fixed: install.log file could not be added to the support information.
  • Changed default signature algorithm for certificates to SHA512withRSA.
  • Changed: The knowledge base links point now to instead of
  • Changed: Apache Tomcat from version 8.0.47 to version 8.5.32.

Console, Common

  • Removed: Unused graphical effects parameters for configuration dialog. (UMS Console -> Misc -> Settings -> Configuration Dialog)
  • Fixed: UMS Console window did not request focus anymore while a firmware update is downloaded.
  • Fixed: Splash screen and accept certificate dialog can be hidden behind other windows on Linux.
  • Fixed: Clearing the recycle bin took much too long.
  • Fixed: The ID of non-displayable tree objects is no longer shown with a thousands separator.
  • Fixed: The cache management dialog in UMS Console did not open on Linux OS.
  • Fixed: A custom thin client attribute which is linked to a default directory rule could falsely be deleted.
  • Changed: Users without the WebDav Access permission now get a more detailed hint (message or tooltip) why they canĀ“t perform some actions (e.g. creating a UMS file).
  • Added: All file choosers in the UMS Console can now remember their last used directory (Except the WebDAV file choosers). This can be disabled in UMS Console -> Misc -> Settings.

Thin Clients

  • Fixed: User login history had no entries for UD Pocket devices. (UMS Console -> Management Tree -> Thin Clients -> Thin Client Content Panel)
  • Fixed: The actions rename and delete were selectable on the thin client root node. (UMS Console -> Management Tree)
  • Fixed: After resetting a thin client to factory defaults, the UMS Console still showed the thin client in the assigned objects.
  • Fixed: After scanning several thin clients at once (with specified target directory) some of the scanned thin clients were not visible in the tree until a refresh was done.
  • Fixed: The thin client settings cache was not updated by assignment changes coming from administrative task Assign profiles to the thin clients of views.
  • Fixed: Although the flag Adjust network name if UMS-internal name has been changed had been set, the thin client rename function ignored the maximum name length of 15 characters. (Rename via content panel)
  • Fixed: The Lock screen icon (Advanced Thin Client Health Status) was permanently set if the thin client was remotely suspended.
  • Changed: Improved usability of thin client import dialog. (UMS Console -> System -> Import -> Thin clients)
  • Changed: Order of entries in thin client context menu Update & Snapshot Commands.
  • Changed: The default thin client name is now TC-MAC instead of IGEL-MAC to be fully DNS capable.


  • Fixed: Re-added missing file picker for field file name on page System -> Update -> Snapshots -> Download
  • Fixed: Bug in display configuration where the second screen could not be saved on the left of screen one. (Only if both screen resolutions were set to Autodetect)

Template keys and groups

  • Fixed: The template check showed a missing value alert (because no template value had been assigned to the thin client) although the setting in question had been overwritten by a correct profile/master profile and therefore did not affect the thin client.

Firmware Customization

  • Fixed: The config change flag in the thin client assignment panel was not displayed if firmware customization was changed without sending the changes directly to the assigned thin clients.
  • Fixed: In firmware Customizations, the cancel button of the select file dialog did the same as the OK button. When clicking the cancel button, changes will now be discarded instead of accepted.


  • Changed: Improved user interaction for creating/editing a job where the execution time is in the past.


  • Fixed: File directories could be renamed, but after a refresh received the old name again. (UMS Console -> Management Tree -> Files)

Configuration Dialog

  • Fixed: The windows profile setting Use IGEL Setup for configuration display settings could be disabled, but after saving and reopening the configuration dialog, the flag was still enabled. (Setup -> Configuration -> User Interface -> Display)
  • Fixed: Huge memory consumption in the configuration dialog of display page with high monitor resolutions.

Console, Administration Section

  • Fixed: Windows Server 2016 was not recognized as such. OS name was displayed as "Windows NT (unknown)". (Visible in UMS Console -> Administration Tree -> UMS Network -> Server -> Server Content Panel)
  • Fixed: Changes in the Active Directory / LDAP configuration didn't affect the management tree node Shared Workplace Users until the next connect.
  • Fixed: The thin client license node showed an access denied error on selection, if the user had the permission to access the thin client license node, but not the UMS license node.
  • Added: Checkbox to show only the last 20 executions in administrative task execution history to performance-friendly. (UMS Console -> UMS Administration Tree -> Global Configuration -> Administrative Tasks)
  • Changed: Configuration of concurrent thin client request threads is now more user-friendly. (UMS Console -> Administration Tree -> Global Configuration -> Thin Client Network Settings)

Administrative Tasks

  • Fixed: Performance problem which occurred if a newly created administration task with action Delete logging data had an incorrect export path set.
  • Fixed: The two administrative tasks Delete job execution data and Delete administrative job execution data had wrong default values (Keep no more than x executions per job).
  • Fixed: The administrative task Delete job execution data was not able to handle a very large amount of database entries (several millions).
  • Fixed: A few 'old' administrative tasks could not be opened/reconfigured anymore.

IGEL Cloud Gateway (ICG)

  • Fixed: The usage date of mass-deployment keys was not set. (UMS Console -> Administration Tree -> Global Configuration -> Cloud Gateway Options)
  • Added: Remote installer for IGEL Cloud Gateway

Asset Inventory Tracker (AIT)

  • Fixed: Asset names in Asset Inventory Tracker weren't appropriately truncated
  • Added: New administration task to delete outdated asset history data. (UMS Console -> Administration Tree -> Global Configuration -> Administrative Tasks)

Server, Common

  • Fixed: Bug which led to high CPU-load of the UMS Server, if the Advanced Health Check was enabled (UMS Console -> Misc -> Settings -> Appearance).

Administrator Application

  • Fixed: The action restore from backup failed and the user got an error message. After the user acknowledged it, a wrong message Database successfully restored was displayed.
  • Fixed: Error while copying data into an oracle database. (Only if Asset Inventory Tracker was used)
  • Fixed: The UMS Administrator database copy action aborted in some cases (depending on the values in the database) with the following error: 'An attempt was made to get a data value of type 'BINARY' from a data value of type 'BLOB' '.
  • Changed: It is no longer possible to create a separate certificate backup in UMS Administrator. The certificates are now contained in the database backup. The certificates (UMS to thin client communication) can be imported/exported in the new tree node Certificate Management. (UMS Console -> Administration Tree -> Global Configuration)

Installer (Linux)

  • Added: Support for Ubuntu 18.04

UI / Look & Feel

  • Fixed: Broken row-sorter in the license section
  • Changed: New Splash Screen for UMS Console and UMS Administrator
  • Changed: The UMS Console and UMS Administrator received new task bar icons and application icons.