UMS, common

  • Changed: Improved third party license information dialog (UMS Console > Help > Third party licenses)
  • Changed: Improved device communication check for manipulated commands
  • Fixed: Config change flag was not set for file and firmware update assignments.
  • Fixed: Config change flag was often not set on object in the device's assigned/indirect assigned objects table.
  • Fixed: Sometimes, template values were missing in template groups if both were restored from the recycle bin at the same time.
  • Fixed: In rare cases, it could happen that some administrator accounts, except the UMS superuser, were not editable.

UMS Web App

  • Fixed: Devices were not displayed on a screen with 1200 px resolution
  • Fixed: 'Runtime since last Boot' and 'Total Operating Time' are presented in a human-readable format (Device > System information).
  • Fixed: The Elastic Search service stopped due to an error on certain machines

Console, common

  • Fixed: "Check template definition" can flood the server if activated in parallel
  • Changed: SQL Console output as HTML file now always with white background and black text color
  • Fixed: Issues with the filename extension of the saved result files from SQL Console (UMS Console > Misc > SQL Console > Save Result)

Template Keys and Groups

  • Fixed: Template keys and groups could not be changed under certain conditions (Oracle database only)

Universal Firmware Update

  • Fixed: In rare instances, the firmware update server was overwritten by old settings.

Configuration Dialog

  • Fixed: After editing the page permission pages in a configuration dialog/profile, all other profiles/TC configurations showed not their own but the previous configuration.
  • Fixed: Sometimes, it was not possible to remove all page permissions in a configuration dialog or profile.

Console, administration section

  • Changed: Events views are now refreshed automatically (UMS Administration > UMS Network > Events)
  • Fixed: The 'Generate a new key pair' dialog inside the Device Communication section could be finished successfully only by the UMS superuser (UMS Administration > Global Configuration > Certificate Management > Device Communication).
  • Fixed: Added missing ICG certificate permission check for Remote ICG install and ICG Update Keystore dialog (UMS Administration > UMS Network > IGEL Cloud Gateway)

Admin Tasks

  • Fixed: Renamed views were shown with old name in admin task configuration (delete devices)
  • Fixed: Deleted views / views moved to the bin are no longer present in admin task configuration (delete devices)

AD / LDAP integration

  • Fixed: In HA environments and for multiple domains, AD certificates were not loaded sometimes.


  • Changed: Improved the GUI workflow of firmware import / registration (UMS Console > System > Import > Import Firmwares)


  • Removed: Tomcat version in directory listing
  • Changed: Improved security for WebDAV communication between UMS components


  • Fixed: Reconnecting a failed secure terminal session over ICG failed

High Availability Feature

  • Fixed: Upgraded HA messaging to the newest version of ActiveMQ to resolve security issues

Installer (Windows)

  • Fixed: "install.log" file was not created if only UMS Console was installed.
  • Fixed: Silent installation with "Console only" selection always installed the UMS Web App.
  • Fixed: Installer offered automatic embedded database backup after the previous uninstallation.
  • Fixed: Deselecting the UMS Web App in the Windows installer also deselected "Standard UMS" server, including subcomponents.
  • Fixed: The UMS Web App will no longer be preselected on "Console only" update installation (Windows installer).
  • Fixed: Previous selection of the UMS Web App was not taken into account during the update installation.
  • Fixed: The UMS Web App was re-selected upon selection of standard or HA server component.

Installer (Linux)

  • Fixed: "install.log" file was not created if only UMS Console was installed.
  • Changed: Replaced SysVinit scripts with systemd unit files for UMS Server, Load Balancer, and Watchdog during Update to 6.06.100 (Linux only)
  • Fixed: Database passwords with special characters were misformatted during database setup, leading to password mismatch when used in UMS Console login (Linux only)
  • Changed: Improved support for special characters (e.g. umlauts) in all input dialogs in Linux installer
  • Fixed: The UMS Web App did not start on Ubuntu 20.04 due to a missing library in Tomcat configuration


  • Fixed: When all licenses of a pack are used up, a warning notification is shown, not an error notification.
  • Changed: Improved notification classification and management
  • Changed: Improved notification messages for expiring licenses, packs, and certificates

UI / Look&Feel

  • Changed: Button order for Access Control dialog is now: Apply, OK, Cancel.

Default Directory Rules

  • Fixed: Rules with a "Device License" criterion did not generate the correct results.