UCB Command Reference


This reference document describes all existing commands which you need to built partial updates in IGEL Windows Embedded Standard systems.


A UCB license is required to use the optional UCB extension for the IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS). In order to obtain this license, you must successfully participate in a paid IGEL UCB training course (in-house or classroom training).

The license is registered in the administration area of the UMS Console under Global Configuration > License Configuration.

Launch the Universal Customization Builder in the UMS Console via System > Open Customization Builder.

Open UCB

Build a new project by entering a Project Name, defining a Project Path and choosing Partial Update Project (Winows) as Project Type.

In the next step you add a new entity.

Click the Add symbol and you get following list:

New Entity

This document describes the meaning and the exact usage of these nine Windows commands.

Last update: July 10, 2018