Menu path: UMS Administrator > UMS Licensing ID Backup

Default path to the UMS Administrator:

Linux: /opt/IGEL/RemoteManager/
Windows: C:\Program Files\IGEL\RemoteManager\rmadmin\RMAdmin.exe

The IGEL UMS Administrator application can only be started on the UMS Server.

The UMS Licensing ID is generated upon each UMS Server installation. Therefore, if you have a High Availability environment, each of the servers has its own UMS Licensing ID, i.e. Local UMS Licensing ID. For the communication of all HA servers with the ILP, a Main UMS Licensing ID is used. Further information about the UMS Licensing ID can be found under UMS Licensing ID.

Main UMS Licensing ID: The first and last 10 characters of the main UMS Licensing ID are displayed here.

Local UMS Licensing ID: The first and last 10 characters of the local UMS Licensing ID are displayed here.

In an HA environment, the local UMS Licensing ID can differ from the main UMS Licensing ID. If this is the case, restart the server to get it synchronized. See also Manual Synchronization of the UMS Licensing ID.

Create new Main UMS Licensing ID: If the installation does not have a UMS Licensing ID, then this was not created during the installation and the creation must be triggered manually.

UMS Licensing ID Backup

Directory: Path where to store the backup.

UMS Licensing ID backup name: The name of the backup which you have defined during the creation.

Date: Date of the backup.

Creating a Backup

UMS Licensing ID backup name: Define the name of the backup.

Set UMS Licensing ID password: The backup of the UMS Licensing ID can only be restored if you enter the password specified here.