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Console (administration section)

  • Added: Automatic license deployment for UDC3, UMA and UD Pocket. (UMS Administration > Global Configuration > Licenses > Deployment)

    If the feature is enabled (disabled by default) and appropriate tokens have been registered in the UMS, licenses for unlicensed UDC3 devices, UMA devices and UD Pockets are deployed automatically.
  • Added: New tree node Proxy Server (UMS Console > UMS Administration > Global Configuration), to administrate several proxies in an easy way.
    As yet, a proxy could be configured for firmware updates only. A proxy now can be used for ICG´s and the new Automatic License Deployment feature too.

Thin Clients

  • Added: Snapshot upload/download support for UMA devices with version 3.01.100 or higher.

Server (common)

  • Changed: Because of security reasons, the https connector of the UMS Server does now provide TLSv1.2 only.

UMS (common)

  • Updated: Apache Tomcat version from 8.0.42 to 8.0.47.
  • Updated: Java Version from 1.8.0_121 to 1.8.0_152.