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UMS (common)

  • Fixed: A custom thin client attribute which is linked to a default directory rule could falsely be deleted.
  • Fixed: Bug in Automatic License Deployment which occurred with UD Pocket devices. If the number of registered unlicensed UD Pocket devices was higher than the number of available licenses of one token, no license could be deployed.
  • Fixed: The thin client settings cache has not been updated by assignment changes coming from the administration task Assign profiles to the thin clients of views.

Console (common)

  • Fixed: UMS Console window doesn't request focus anymore while a firmware update is downloaded.
  • Fixed: Although the flag Adjust network name if UMS-internal name has been changed has been set, the thin client rename function ignored the maximum name length of 15 characters. (Rename via content panel)
  • Fixed: Cache management dialog in UMS Console did not open on Linux.
  • Fixed: Offline user manual in UMS Console did not open on Linux.

Console (administration section)

  • Fixed: A few 'old' administrative tasks could not be opened/ reconfigured anymore.


  • Fixed: Bug in the display configuration where the second screen could not be saved on the left of screen one. (Only if both screen resolutions are set to 'Autodetect').

Configuration Dialog

  • Fixed: The Windows profile setting Use IGEL Setup for configuration display settings could be disabled, but after saving and reopening the configuration dialog, the flag was still enabled. (Setup > Configuration > User Interface > Display).