To assign a profile to a device (or directory), proceed as follows:

  1. Go to the corresponding device (or directory) in the UMS structure tree.
  2. Click on under Assigned Objects.
  3. The Select assignable objects window will open.
  4. Highlight a profile and assign it to the Selected Objects field with .
  5. Click on OK and specify when the setting will become effective.

    It is quicker if you drag the profile onto the device or directory using drag and drop.

Essentially, there are two ways of assigning profiles: direct or indirect.

Direct means that you assign a profile to an individual device.

Indirect means that you assign the profile not directly to a device but to a device directory and all devices in this directory take on the settings for this profile.

Through indirect assignments, you can manage the priority of a profile, see Priority within the standard profiles.

Please note the following rules:

  • If you assign a profile to a directory, it is indirectly assigned to each device in this directory including the sub-directories.
  • If you subsequently move a device to this directory, the directory profiles will affect this device too.
  • If you remove a device from this directory, the profile will no longer influence this client and the local settings for the device will be restored.