Menu path: UMS Console > UMS Administration > Global Configuration > Mobile Devices > Apple iOS devices

In this section, you can set up the required certificate for connecting the UMS to the Apple Push Notification Service.
How you set up the certificate to connect the UMS with the Apple Push Notification Service is described in the MDM Setup Guide.

You can perform the following actions:


Create a new certificate-signing request and save it as a *.csr file

Open the Apple Push Certificate Portal at in the system browser

Import the Apple MDM Push Certificate (*.pem file)

Create and save certificate-signing request for renewal

Show the certificate details of the Apple MDM Push Certificate

Cut the certificate

Delete the certificate

Status information:


Certificate successfully set up

Waiting for certificate upload

Incomplete / certificate error

You may further specify:

  • Enrollment profile displayname: Displayname for the enrollment profile
  • Enrollment profile description: Description of the enrollment profile
  • Adjust UMS-internal name with name on device

For further instructions, see: