In order to be able to manage the effectiveness of different profile types, you need to understand the order of priority. Various profiles that overlap like stencils can be assigned to a device. What happens if two profiles specify a different value for a setting? Which one has more weight?

Avoid competing settings in a number of profiles. If possible, set up one profile per setting, e.g. a profile for language settings, one for a left-handed mouse, etc.

The following rules apply to competing settings in various profiles:

Rule: The closer the standard profile is to the device in the directory tree, the higher its priority.


The priority rule only plays a role if the same parameter value is different in two profiles. The following graphic shows that there are specified values in both profiles which have an effect on the device. Only the parameter on the right is set by both profiles. In this case, the value of the bottom profile has priority because it is closer to the device.

Priorisierung Standardprofile

Rule: In the event that the same settings are specified a number of times, the profiles with higher priority override other profiles. The effectiveness of settings which are specified in one profile only does not change.

See the following example.

Rule: If several profiles are assigned on an equal basis, the newer profile with the higher profile ID has priority.

In order to read out the ID of a profile, point to a profile in the list of assigned profiles with the mouse pointer. A tooltip with the profile ID will be shown.

Rule: The priority rule only applies to general settings. If a number of sessions are set up, they will not be overridden. They will exist alongside each other because free instances are added.

The lists of directly or indirectly assigned profiles are sorted according to the order of priority. Within a directory level, the profile which is higher up in the list thus has a higher priority.

In this example, the "screen saver" profile has the highest priority.

Rangordnung einer Verzeichnisebene