A file must be registered on the UMS Server before it can be loaded onto a device.

To register a file on the UMS Server, proceed as follows:

  1. In the UMS Console, select Files > [context menu] > New file or System > New > New File.
  2. Under File source, select a local file or one already on the server.
  3. Select the upload location (URL). From UMS 5.01.100, you can only use the directory ums_filetransfer or sub-directories created in it.
  4. Under Classification, select the type of file. This serves to automatically establish suitable storage locations and file authorizations. Choose between:
    • Undefined
    • Web browser certificate
    • SSL certificate
    • Java certificate
    • IBM iAccess certificate
    • Common certificate
  5. For the Undefined classification, specify the path in the devices's local file system under Device file location.
  6. For the Undefined classification, allocate access rights and the owner.
    These will be attached to the file when it is transferred to the device and will be used on the destination system.
  7. Confirm the settings by clicking on OK.
    The file will now be copied to the web resource and will be registered on the UMS Server.