In the registry, you can change firmware parameters directly.

Changes to the registry should be made by experienced users only, because you can easily make misconfigurations.

  • Search Parameter...: Search for setup parameters in the registry
  • Search criterion: Criterion for searching. The following can be selected:
    • Parameter name
  • Parameter name: Any search term
  • Logical search restriction:
    • Contains
    • Exact match
    • Use regular expressions
  • Ignore case
  • Find previous: Go back if there are a number of hits
  • Find next: Go forwards if there are a number of hits

    Example: If you want to find the FTP settings for updating the Linux firmware, you can search for the parameter name ftp. The parameter found in the registry structure is highlighted. Click Find next until you find your desired parameter:

  • Add instance: Adds instances. This is possible with parameters which have a percent sign as their last character, e.g. nfymount%. The new instances are numbered consecutively: nfymount1, nfymount2 etc.
  • Delete instance: Deletes a previously added instance.