When rolling out devices automatically it can be difficult to assign each to the desired folder in the Universal Management Suite (UMS).


Newly registered thin clients will automatically have the information where they are to be placed in the structure tree of the UMS.

The UMS will have flexible rules to place a newly registered device into a folder of the structure tree.


One solution is using a structure tag, a text string bound to the device, that is transmitted to UMS. It can be assigned to devices either via a DHCP option or in their local setup.

This works with UMS Version 4.08.100 or newer, and IGEL Linux Version 5.05.100 or newer, IGEL WES 7 Version 3.11.100 or newer, and IGEL Unified Management Agent Version 1.02.100 (for Windows 7) / Version 2.01.100 (for Windows 10) or newer.