Access rights in the IGEL UMS include:

  • General rights which can be granted to an administrator or denied either directly via the account or indirectly on the basis of the group membership
  • Access rights to objects in the structure tree
  • Access rights to the nodes within the UMS Administration area of the UMS Console

The indirect rights given to an administrator on the basis of their group membership can be changed further for each administrator in the group. 

Take notice:

  1. Permissions that were granted directly have precedence over those granted indirectly.
  2. Nevertheless, the withdrawal of permissions ALWAYS overrides the granting of permissions. 

The precedence of the Deny permission over the Allow permission means:

  • If an administrator is a member of several groups with permissions contradicting each other, the Deny permission will overrule the Allow permissions from other groups. Also, if the permission is granted to an administrator directly, it will be nevertheless denied via a group.

  • If a prohibition is issued for an object in the structure tree or a node in the UMS Administration area, it will apply for all subobjects/subnodes and cannot be withdrawn directly for these subobjects/subnodes.

Generally speaking, the same permission settings are used for groups and administrators. The following description of individual configuration options therefore applies equally to administrators and groups.