There are two ways of assigning a structure tag to a device:

  • Manual assignment on the client (IGEL Linux Version 5.05.100 or newer, IGEL WES7 Version 3.11.100 or newer , IGEL Unified Management Agent Version 1.02.100 (for Windows 7) or Version 2.01.100 (for Windows 10) or newer
  • Assignment via DHCP server

Assigning a Structure Tag Manually on the Device

  1. In Setup, go to System > Remote Management.
  2. Enter the structure tag value in Universal Management Suite Structure Tag.
  3. Click OK

Assigning a Structure Tag via DHCP Server

 Use the appropriate DHCP option, depending on the IGEL OS version of your endpoint devices:

  • IGEL OS 11.03.500 or lower: Use DHCP option 226 to distribute the tag value to the devices.
  • IGEL OS 11.04.100 or higher: As an alternative, you can use the DHCP option 43 (encapsulated vendor-specific options) to send the DHCP option 226 (name: "umsstructuretag") to the right endpoint devices. An endpoint device with IGEL OS 11.04.100 or higher sends option 60 (vendor class identifier) with igel-dhcp-1 as the value.

    An IGEL specific DHCP option that is sent in DHCP option 43 overrides a corresponding DHCP option that is sent in the global namespace. The DHCP options 1, 224, and 226 can be embedded in option 43.

    You can prevent a DHCP option 226 that has been sent in the global namespace from being interpreted. To achieve this, you must add option 1 (name "exclusive", type Byte, value 1) to DHCP option 43.