With UMS 6.05 or higher, you can connect to a Microsoft SQL server database using Microsoft Active Directory (AD). 

Two modes are available:

  • AD native
  • AD over Kerberos

AD Native (Windows only)

The UMS does not know the database credentials; instead, the credentials are taken from the underlying system user. A Windows API is used to connect to the database.  

This mode is only available if both the UMS Server and the UMS Administrator are running in a Windows domain. Also, the domain user account under which the UMS Server and the UMS Administrator are running must have access to the database.

AD over Kerberos

The credentials of the database user must be entered into the UMS. The database connection is handled by the Kerberos protocol.  

This mode can be used on Windows and Linux operating systems. The underlying system must provide the access data to connect to the domain controller for Kerberos. The UMS Administrator and the UMS Server can run with the normal users.