Menu path: UMS Administrator > Backups

Default path to the UMS Administrator:

Linux: /opt/IGEL/RemoteManager/
Windows: C:\Program Files\IGEL\RemoteManager\rmadmin\RMAdmin.exe

To create a backup, proceed as follows:

  1. In the left-hand column, select Backups.
  2. Click on Change to change the storage location for your backups.
  3. Click on Create.
  4. Under Backup name, enter a name for the backup.
  5. Select the backup settings under Choose backup settings:
    The following can be selected:
    • Select all: Database, licenses, configurations, and files
    • Legacy: Database
    • All files: Licenses and transfer files
    • Custom: You can select the data which are to be backed up.
  6. Confirm your selection by clicking on OK.
    The data will be saved in the directory you have selected.

    All certificates are included in the database backup.