Menu path: UMS Administration > Global Configuration > Misc Settings

The following global parameters can be found here:

User Login History

Enable user login history

Recording of the user login activity is enabled. (Default)

Add last device users to quick search

The user who logged in last will be added.

Add only still logged-in users

Only users who are currently logged in will be added. (Default)

In the event of configuration changes, the page will need to be reloaded by clicking on in order for the settings to be applied.

In order to view the user login history for a device, click on the relevant device in the structure tree under Devices. All information regarding the device will now be shown in the content panel. Scroll right to the bottom to open User Login History. The following information is recorded here:

  • User name: Name of the user who logged in to the device
  • Login time: Time at which the user logged in
  • Logoff time: Time at which the user logged off
  • Logon type: At the moment, this can be Shared Workplace or Kerberos/Active Directory.


Enable notifications
Notifications are enabled and will be shown on each connection to the UMS Console, see also Notifications. (Default)

The notification function is disabled for all users.

For each license, certificate, or Product Pack, a new notification will be created [...] day(s) before expirationSets a time limit for a warning to remind you about the expiration of your license, certificate, or Product Pack. (Default: 30)

A notification will be created when the free disk space is below [...] GB: When the free disk space is below this value, a warning will be created. (Default: 2)

For each Product Pack, a new notification will be created when the available amount of licenses is below [...] %: If the number of available licenses in a Product Pack is lower than this limit (integer percentage), a warning is created.  (Default: 10)