During the preparation and System Configuration, we put in place the basis for automatic device registration; see also Registering Devices Automatically on the IGEL UMS. For more information on the registration of devices, refer to Registering IGEL OS Devices on the UMS Server.

All you need to do is to start the devices or, if they are already in operation, to restart them.

If automatic registration fails, e.g. in WAN with NAT, register the missing devices manually.

After the registration, refresh the console editor view (F5) to show the new devices. Check the device structure and, if necessary, move the devices into the desired directories.

A device can only be registered to one UMS Server. If it is registered once, no other UMS can capture it. 

We highly recommend disabling automatic registration after the roll-out to avoid all types of devices automatically being registered without your control.

Now you have a well-configured IGEL UMS which will allow you to work with the system professionally.