UMS common

  • Fixed: Restore of embedded database sometimes fails with database timeout.
  • Fixed: Delete actions in UMS Console fail if the used MS SQL Server database is set up in 'contained' mode.
  • Fixed: Heavy WebDav access may cause poor AD login performance due to authentication checks.

Console, common

  • Fixed: Only the UMS superuser was allowed to make changes to Access Control of certain tree nodes.


  • Fixed: Added missing check for write permission for certain device actions


  • Changed: Small text changes of view/search criterium 'Configuration Changes pending'


  • Fixed: Some jobs were not executed when the "retry next boot" option was selected.

Automatic License Deployment (ALD)

  • Changed: Created device licenses are now containing only one Unit ID and the license files are stored in the database instead of the file system.  From now on, it is no longer possible to create a separate license file backup since the license files are part of the database.

Console, administration section

  • Fixed: Refresh was needed after adding/removing device attributes in order to see the correct list of attributes.

AD / LDAP integration

  • Fixed: Improved AD logon performance when the option 'Include all configured AD domains for search and import of AD users / groups' (UMS Administration > Global Configuration > Active Directory/LDAP) is active.
  • Fixed: In the dialog 'Administrator accounts', the action "Members" now search users for the selected group in all configured ADs when the option 'Include all configured AD domains for search and import of AD users / groups' (UMS Administration > Global Configuration > Active Directory/LDAP) is active. 


  • Fixed: WebDAV was no longer accessible after the Web server port had been changed.

IGEL Cloud Gateway (ICG)

  • Fixed: Login to Shared Workplace failed if the password contained certain special characters or umlauts.

IMI, server

  • Fixed: Device network name was not updated when the device name was changed via IMI and option 'Adjust network name if UMS-internal name has been changed' (UMS Administration > Global Configuration > Device Network Settings > Adjust Names of Devices) was active. 

Server, common

  • Changed: Administrative tasks are suspended during database backup task in order to prevent deadlocks.
  • Fixed: Some UMS features and services e.g. download of Universal Firmware Updates didn't work properly after an update installation for UMS 6.05.120 (or prior) to UMS 6.06.100 or higher was performed or after restoring a backup with schema 6.5 or lower for UMS 6.06.100 or higher.
  • Changed: Because of security reasons, the UMS version information has been removed from the '.../info' page. 
  • Fixed: The hostname was not editable in case of Web certificate renewal (UMS Administration > Global Configuration > Certificate Management > Web)

High Availability Feature

  • Fixed: Internal version number of UMS Load Balancer was shown in the health check.
  • Fixed: Adding a new process to a HA network failed if a network token created with UMS 6.05.120 or lower was used for the installation.

UMS Web App


  • Added: Detach assigned objects is enabled in the Configuration app.
  • Added: Quick Assign is now available also on 'Enter' after selecting an assignable object with a keyboard.
  • Changed: Activated Settings Values overwritten by template keys are now represented as template key icons.


  • Added: If online check is activated, GLOBAL_ONLINE_CHECK_INTERVAL is used for device online status update.
  • Added: If online check is disabled, more components are aware of that setting. Server load is reduced.
  • Added: For Activated Settings that are marked as using a template key, but no template key was set, a warning icon is shown.
  • Changed: If no changes occurred in "Edit Custom Properties" dialog, then the Save button is disabled. (No more empty change requests)
  • Changed: It is now possible to filter Template Key Relations.
  • Changed: Template key icons in Activated Settings Values are now clickable.
  • Changed: "Editable Properties" are renamed to "Custom Properties".
  • Fixed: The session parameters inside the Template Key Relation tab (Profile) will now show the correct session instance number.
  • Fixed: Permissions for move and copy device directory now follow the UMS.
  • Fixed: Improved styling of Template Key Relation table (alternating rows).


  • Changed: Performance updates on various sub-systems.
  • Changed: Redesigned "About" dialog
  • Changed: Quotation marks for device and directory names and configurations in logs.
  • Changed: Quotation marks for object names in confirmation dialogs and logging entries.
  • Fixed: Items in Quick Assign list were not restricted for profile rights Assign Device and Assign File.
  • Fixed: Removed redundant and not translated values inside the Logging app.
  • Fixed: Unused actions and categories were shown in the Logging app.