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UMS (common)

  • Fixed: Licenses can't be registered at the UMS if the licenses are located on a network drive.
  • Fixed: UMS installations with more than three domain controllers were not able to update to UMS version 5.05.100. After the update, each UMS login failed with a "truncation error" message.
  • Fixed: The Confirm deletion dialog showed nested objects twice.
  • Fixed: The Restore backup action failed for renamed .pbak backup files.
  • Changed: If the internal thin client name is set to overwrite the network name of the thin client, there is now a check to make sure that the name is DNS capable.

Console (common)

  • Changed: All export actions in the main menu are now always enabled, irrespective of the selected tree-object.
  • Fixed: Bug in UMS Linux installations where hyperlinks could not be opened. (e.g. UMS > UMS Administration > Misc Settings)
  • Added: The thin client content panel shows icon corresponding to the current status (online/offline/advanced health status)


  • Fixed: Exporting profiles (as archive) on a mapped network drive resulted in an unreadable file.
  • Fixed: Inconsistent results in profile comparison when comparing two profiles in different directions (e.g. A-B vs B-A).

Template Keys and Groups

  • Fixed: An error occurs if a template key or value group with empty description is edited and the UMS database is an Oracle DB.

Firmware Customization

  • Fixed: Display error in thin client directory assignments. After a reload, the FWC assignments were not visible.
  • Added: FWC directories can now be copied (including descendants).

Universal Firmware Update

  • Fixed: Bug which was responsible for a very low FTP firmware download rate.

Configuration Dialog

  • Fixed: After assigning two profiles (each with a default printer) to a thin client, the thin client has now only one default printer set (coming from a profile with higher priority).
  • Fixed: Coloring for following changed and saved setup parameter:
    User Interface > Desktop
    Security > Logon > Active Directory / Kerberos
    Security > Smartcard > Middleware

Console (UMS Administrator)

  • Fixed: After a change in UMS Console > UMS Administration > Global Configuration > Server Network Settings > Broadcast IP the user is not asked to save the change.
  • Fixed: The Igel Cloud Gateway configuration node depended on permissions of Igel Cloud Gateway server node.
  • Fixed: The dialog Export all Unit IDs from a view showed duplicated thin client entries in the result list. (UMS Console > UMS Administration > Global Configuration > Thin Client Licenses > Export Unit ID list)

Administrative Tasks

  • Fixed: Maximum amount of backups has been ignored by database backup task.
  • Fixed: The reporting of a database backup job showed a failed task even if the task was completed successfully.
  • Changed: Handling of immediate execution time for administrative tasks.

AD / LDAP Integration

  • Fixed: Active Directory login error for domain names without a separating dot.

IGEL Cloud Gateway (ICG)

  • Fixed: Reregistration of an ICG managed thin client (before rebooting the ICG) leads to a connection error between the thin client and the ICG.
  • Fixed: UMS lost ICG connection randomly.
  • Fixed: Thin Client license files could not be downloaded via IGEL Cloud Gateway.
  • Fixed: File transfer via ICG fails if a custom UMS file transfer folder location is used.
  • Fixed: The Igel Cloud Gateway configuration node depended on permissions of Igel Cloud Gateway server node.
  • Fixed: After an ICG administrated thin client got changed settings, the configuration flag has not been cleared for assigned objects (e.g. profiles).
  • Fixed: The thin client license upload fails if the ICG license is expired.

Administrator Application

  • Fixed: The backups section in the UMS Administrator was only active for embedded databases.
    Now the backups section is always enabled to give the possibility to create and restore certificates and server configurations with all databases.

Installer (Windows)

  • Changed: To avoid incorrect input, the backup file path in Windows installer can now only be set by the file chooser dialog.

Installer (Linux)

  • Fixed: Removed irritating log4j warnings during database backup process in Linux installer.
  • Fixed: Removed irritating jsvc_server.pid error message in Linux installer summary.

UI / Look & Feel

  • Added: New splash screen for UMS Console and UMS Administrator.