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UMS, common

  • Changed: Activation/Deactivation of template profiles/master profiles has to be confirmed now when at least one key value/master profile exists.
  • Fixed: Several file choosers did not remember the last selected directory.

Console, common

  • Fixed: 'Messages' area sometimes forgot its previous size.
  • Fixed: Various windows did not remember their last size, position or had an unfavorable default size.
  • Fixed: Save support information could sometimes not be generated due to the unnecessary size check.
  • Added: Cross-check of a user and group name when adding a new administrator account.

Server, common

  • Fixed: Removed misleading logging information on updating network name for Linux clients (network.interfaces.ethernet.use_igel_setup)


  • Fixed: 'Runtime since last Boot', 'Total Operating Time', and 'Battery Level' were not always refreshed on Refresh/F5.
  • Fixed: Changes to a device or a profile were lost when switching to UMS Administrator in UMS Console.
  • Fixed: Update on network name (DNS) was not triggered if name was changed via system information.

Firmware Customization

  • Fixed: Files or folders with spaces in the name could not be used in Firmware Customizations or file upload.


  • Fixed: Log messages for jobs were not displayed.

Universal Firmware Update

  • Changed: Snapshot upload in 'Universal Firmware Update' only allows files with .snp filename extension.


  • Fixed: Changes to the Search result page behavior (Misc > Settings > Views and Searches > Page Behavior) were not applied immediately after saving the settings and selecting a search result.

Configuration Dialog

  • Fixed: "Always apply settings on reboot..." checkbox was missing in Update time dialog when saving Device/Profile configuration.

Console, administration section

  • Fixed: The split position of the panels in the detail view of a server (UMS Administration > UMS Network > Server) was not persistent.
  • Fixed: Connect/Disconnect operation of ICGs to UMS HA had inconsistent behavior.
  • Changed: Online Check Response Timeout input restricted to 100 ms up to 10.000 ms (UMS Administration > Global Configuration > Server Network Settings).

AD / LDAP integration

  • Changed: For an administrator account import of users from an AD/LDAP directory (System > Administrator account > Import), the selection for 'Add user/group' was improved.
  • Fixed: Inherited permissions of an imported AD user were not displayed correctly in the 'Effective Rights' section of the 'Administrator accounts' window (System > Administrator accounts > Effective Rights)

Console, web start

  • Fixed: An issue introduced in UMS 6.03.120 prevented the execution of the UMS Console via Java Web Start.


  • Fixed: VNC Viewer always started on the primary screen instead of the last screen (multidisplay environment).
  • Fixed: The VNC Certificate Dialog could be off-screen and so blocked the user from interactions.

IGEL Cloud Gateway (ICG)

  • Removed: Misleading log message during ICG installation.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

  • Fixed: Synchronization with ICG failed if the MDM push certificate had expired.

Administrator application

  • Fixed: Backup sizes smaller than 1 KB were not displayed correctly.
  • Added: Additional check for the existing database schema before activating a database connection.
  • Added: Check for supported database versions.

High Availability Feature

  • Fixed: Misc settings configurations (UMS Administration > Global Configuration > Misc Settings) were not synchronized with all HA servers.
  • Fixed: WebDAV subfolders were not synchronized with other HA servers.
  • Fixed: Adding an HA server after adding an ICG server to the environment caused ICG connection problems.
  • Fixed: The created support file, from triggering 'Save support information' (Help > Save support information), did not always contain the information of remote components.

UI / Look&Feel

  • Fixed: Visibility of various (disabled) menu icons.
  • Removed: Deprecated bevel bar from legacy themes.


  • Fixed: Notification dialog did sometimes not show notifications when global notifications were enabled.