Menu path: Menu Bar > Misc

Search: Allows you to search for objects - the search is listed in the structure tree under Search History and can be changed again there.

Scheduled Jobs: Allows you to manage public holiday lists and assign tasks to hosts.

  • Host Assignment: Allows you to assign virtual hosts to selected devices.
    • Universal Management Suite Host: Host name of the UMS.
    • Last Scheduler Run: Date and time when the Scheduler last ran.
    • Available devices: Restricts the available devices displayed.
    • Assigned devices: Tree or list view of the available devices on the selected host.

  • Manage Public Holidays: Allows you to establish public holiday lists which you can use when creating new tasks.
    • Date lists: Allows you to set up lists for public holidays.
    • Days: Allows you to specify the date of the public holidays in a public holiday list.

Change Password: Allows the password of a logged-in user to be changed.

SQL Console: Direct access to the database with SQL commands.

The SQL console is intended solely for administrative purposes. You can destroy the database through operations on the SQL console.

Firmware Statistics: A list of firmware versions registered in the database with filter function.

Remove Unused Firmwares: Opens a dialog which lists unused firmwares and allows you to delete them individually or collectively.

Settings: Allows you to change configuration parameters such as language and appearance of the UMS Console, types of notifications, etc.