The options in the New Profile window have the following meanings:

  • Do not enable any settings: No parameters are initially active.
  • Enable all settings: All available parameters for the profile are enabled. Please note that all settings are locked on the device with a lock symbol. A profile with this setting prevents settings being changed locally on the device. This option makes sense only if you would like to have all settings for a device managed on the basis of this profile.

    In many cases, profiles which contain all parameters for an item of firmware take up space in databases and backup files unnecessarily. You should therefore use this option only if it seems necessary. In the majority of cases, it is advisable to configure a device on the basis of several profiles with specific configuration parts.
  • Overwrite sessions:

    Overwrites the free instances defined for the device or assigned via other other profiles with those of this profile.

    The free instances defined in the profile are added to the free instances that were defined previously on the device or by the assignment of other profiles.

    In this case, sessions mean both the applications that can be selected via Sessions in the menu tree and all other free instances that can be created or deleted. See Parameter Levels.

    The Overwrite sessions option ensures that only the free instances for this profile are created on the device. Free instances created in other profiles or directly in the device configuration are disabled.
    If a number of profiles with the Overwrite sessions option enabled are assigned to a device (or Shared Workplace user), the profile with the highest priority is effective, i.e. only the free instances for this profile are available on the device.

    Exception: If the profile is a standard profile and a master profile with session settings is also assigned to the device or user, the settings are added: The device receives all sessions for the standard profile and the master profile. Sessions in master profiles can only be overwritten by a master profile.