The logging system is used by the UMS and the registered devices in order to record all changes to the database. Only successful actions are logged. You will not find details of any errors in the log file of the UMS GUI Server.

The logging system is subdivided into two areas:


Actions initiated by a user


Actions initiated by a device


The administration settings for the logging procedure are configured in the IGEL UMS Console under UMS Administration > Global Configuration > Logging, see Logging.

  • Messages can be logged either with or without details.
    There are no details for events.
  • With the Log Level Configuration buttons, you can enable logging for selected commands. Logging for all possible commands is selected as standard.
  • The deletion and export of log messages are configured under UMS Administration > Global Configuration > Administrative Tasks.

Displaying Logs

Information regarding messages and events can be displayed in the UMS Console in the following ways:

  • via the System > Logging menu
  • via Logging in the context menu of the directories and objects in the tree structure