You will find the release notes for the IGEL Universal Management Suite 6.06.100 both as a text file in the same folder as the installation programs on our download server and in the Knowledge Base.

Certificate Management for the Web Port (default: 8443)

The certificate chain for the Web Port can be managed separately; see Web. See also Using Your Own Certificates for Communication over the Web Port (Default: 8443) and UMS Web App: The Browser Displays a Security Warning (Certificate Error).

Certificate Management for ICG

The certificate management for IGEL Cloud Gateway (ICG) has been extended so that the root certificate can now be exchanged during operation; see Exchanging the Root Certificate for ICG and Cloud Gateway.

Automatic Synchronization of Universal Firmware Updates

Universal Firmware Updates are now automatically synchronized between the servers in an HA environment if the synchronization is enabled under UMS Administration > Global Configuration > Universal Firmware Update and a WebDAV directory is set as the target path for the download. For details, see How to Detect Which Files Are Synchronized Automatically.

New "HA Health Check" Permission

The rights for the UMS HA Health Check feature can now be enabled under System > Administrator accounts. See General Administrator Rights and UMS HA Health Check.

Support for Special Characters in the UMS Installer

In the UMS installer on Linux, the support for special characters has been improved. See also Using Special Characters during the UMS Installation on Linux.

UMS Web App: "Logging" Area Added

Actions performed in the UMS Web App are now logged if logging is activated in the UMS Console. For details, see Logging.

UMS Web App: The Assignment of Objects

In the UMS Web App, it is now possible to assign objects to devices / directories or to remove the assignment. For details, see Assigning Objects.

UMS Web App: Bulk Actions

The device commands can now be executed on the directory level. See Devices.