We will create a master profile, a user-specific standard profile and a device-specific standard profile.

Beispiel 3

  • Standard profile (device): You assign to the device a standard profile with which you define the mouse settings. In this case the left-handed mouse (P2) is specified, the speed of the mouse pointer (P4) is set to slow, the double-click interval (P1) is set to slow and the keyboard layout is set to German (P3).
  • Standard profile (User): You assign to a higher-level directory a user-specific standard profile in which the right-handed mouse (P2) is specified and the mouse speed (P4) is set to quick.
  • Master Profile: You assign to a higher-level directory a master profile. In this case, the mouse pointer speed (P4) and the double-click interval (P1) are set to medium.
    The settings that arrive at the client are:
    • Yellow: (P3) Keyboard layout German (standard profile green)
    • Grey: (P2) Right-handed mouse (standard profile blue)
    • Red: (P4, P1) Mouse speed and double-click interval (master profile)