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In this area, you will find information that may help you when using the UMS.

User Manual: Link to the manual on

User Manual (offline): Opens the user manual in PDF format.

IGEL Knowledge Base: Link to further online documentation on

Legend: Icons used in the UMS and their meanings. 

Save support information...: Saves log files from the UMS Server and UMS Console as well as profiles and associated firmware information for the selected devices in a ZIP file and also stores log files from the connected ICGs. If the IGEL Management Interface (IMI) extension is being used, its API log file will be saved too. Further information can be found under Support Wizard.

Save device files for support: Saves log and configuration files for a device, for example setup.ini and group.ini, in a ZIP file.

UMS HA Health Check: Checks whether the interaction between the components of the High Availability system is working properly, in particular, whether the components can exchange messages and data. Further information can be found under UMS HA Health Check.

Notifications: List of all notifications

Third party licenses: A list of licenses for third-party software and libraries used in the UMS.

UMS Update Check: Checks whether a newer version of the UMS is available for downloading.

Info: Shows details of the current version of the UMS Console and Java environment as well as the logged-in user.