You want to migrate your IGEL Universal Management Suite to a new server.


The following scenarios can occur when migrating the UMS to a new server:

The switch from a standard UMS installation to a High Availability installation, which involves the migration of the existing UMS Server to a new host and, if the embedded database is in use, the move to the external database, is described separately under Switching from a Standard UMS Installation to an HA Installation.

Recommendation: The Same Software and Database State

It is NOT recommended to combine the migration and update procedures, e.g. to move from UMS 6.01 to 6.08. It is advised to update the UMS Server and migrate it afterward, or vice versa. 


The move provides an opportunity to remove any UMS database data which are no longer used. For example, you can

  • delete endpoint devices that no longer exist
  • delete profiles that are no longer used
  • remove files and firmware updates that are no longer needed

It is highly recommended to create a backup before carrying out the cleanup (as a backup of the system running) and another one after the cleanup.