UMS, common

  • Removed: Command Devices > Other commands > Delete file from device.
  • Changed: Import of keystore files supports also JKS keystores (UMS Administration > Global Configuration > Certificate Management).
  • Changed: Certificate chains could be imported although they are not supported. An import is now prevented (UMS Administration > Global Configuration > Certificate Management).
  • Fixed: The user manual couldn't be opened with the UMS internal PDF viewer (Help > User Manual (offline))
  • Added: Option for choosing the PDF viewer used for the offline manual (Misc > Settings > General)

Console, common 

  • Fixed: Universal Firmware Update assignments of devices were not visible in some cases.
  • Fixed: Some scrollbars, mostly horizontal ones, were extremely slow.
  • Fixed: Missing German translations in request chart dialog of a selected IGEL Cloud Gateway (Show History)
  • Fixed: Rich Message Editor had wrong background color in Information/Help tab
  • Fixed: Save device files for support (Help menu) and Export Device Settings (System > Export...) dialogs opened very slowly when no device was selected and therefore all devices were loaded.
  • Fixed: In rare circumstances, the device specific command list was not complete.
  • Changed: Online check interval (Misc > Settings > Online check) has a valid range between 100 ms and 1 hour. For existing installations, values outside this range will be adjusted to the closest valid value.
  • Changed: Modified permissions. A 'Deny' can't be overwritten by an 'Allow', see


  • Fixed: License model information was not updated on up-/downgrade, affecting legacy licenses for ICG, HA, and AIT. Information is now updated on each boot.
  • Changed: ICG administrated devices without valid IGEL Enterprise Management Pack license are now shown with the 'device isn't licensed' icon.

Firmware Customization

  • Fixed: Some exported firmware customizations could not be imported if they were created with Oracle Database.


  • Fixed: Error occurred when executing 'Take over settings from...' for devices.


  • Fixed: Update time of views and searches was not displayed in a localized format.
  • Fixed: Error occurred when a view with a relative date criterion was created and a value of 0 days was specified.
  • Changed: 'Device license' criterion now contains the possibility to search for all license types.
  • Changed: Special characters in MAC address search are ignored.


  • Fixed: A missing library could lead to failing jobs on headless installations.
  • Fixed: Jobs could not be edited/selected (The error message was 'Error Unable to load details for the tree nodes. Original error message: null').

Automatic License Deployment (ALD)

  • Fixed: Devices don't receive a renewal license automatically if the renewed subscription pack is assigned to the UMS Licensing ID and the pack has no ALD Token.

Universal Firmware Update

  • Fixed: The check for available firmware updates does no longer fail if some of the firmware properties files are invalid.
  • Fixed: User name could be edited in the settings of Universal Firmware Updates for special system users.


  • Fixed: User was not told to do a necessary restart of the UMS Console if certain configurations changed.
  • Fixed: Search History used lifetime settings of views instead of its own lifetime settings.

Admin tasks

  • Changed: Exported views are split into multiple files if the file size exceeds 25 MB. This affects the administrative tasks 'Save view results in the file system'
    and 'Export view result via mail' (UMS Administration > Global Configuration > Administrative Tasks) and the context menu action 'Send view result as mail' of views.
  • Added: Context menu action 'Save as...' offers now the option to save views or searches as ZIP file.


  • Fixed: No confirmation dialog was displayed if multiple VNC session tabs were about to be closed.

IGEL Cloud Gateway (ICG)

  • Fixed: Shadowing over ICG failed if a proxy server was configured.
  • Fixed: Selection of a configured IGEL Cloud Gateway took very long when it was not reachable (UMS Administration > UMS Network > IGEL Cloud Gateway)
  • Fixed: Shadowing/Secure terminal over ICG didn't regard proxy configuration.
  • Fixed: ICG was displayed online when it was running, but the websocket connection wasn't established yet.
  • Fixed: Job option 'Retry next boot' was ignored if the device is connected via ICG (requires firmware LX 11.03.500 or newer).
  • Fixed: Not all HA Servers were connected to a newly registered ICG.
  • Changed: Hostname/IP text field is now disabled if 'CA Certificate' is selected as a certificate type (UMS Administration > Global Configuration > Cloud Gateway Options > Create signed certificate).
  • Changed: Information about the last contact of an IGEL Cloud Gateway is shown in UMS Administration > UMS Network > IGEL Cloud Gateway > Gateway details.

Asset Inventory Tracker (AIT) 

  • Changed: Improved the loading of Asset Information.

Administrator application

  • Changed: Reduced the list of available cipher suites for GUI server port (default: 8443)(UMS Administrator > Settings > Cipher (Server-side) > Configure Ciphers).
  • Fixed: Shortcut for IGEL UMS Administrator didn't work after the update of UMS installation.

Database schema

  • Fixed: No upgrade possible if the MS SQL Server database has a schema name with dashes.

High Availability Feature

  • Fixed: Special characters '.' and '-' in database user name caused problems during HA update.
  • Fixed: In some cases, database configuration was not synchronized within the HA network depending on the available UMS Servers.
  • Fixed: Deletions of files in WebDAV folder were not synchronized in the UMS HA network.
  • Changed: Changes referring to the configured certificates are now automatically synchronized within the HA network and no longer require a restart of the IGEL RMGUIServer (UMS Administration > Global Configuration > Certificate Management).

Installer (Linux)

  • Fixed: On some dialogs, the installation couldn't be aborted with [ESC] key.


  • Added: When the available amount of licenses of a License Pack is below the limit or when it exceeds the total amount, a notification is shown.