The following steps are only required if your current UMS installation uses an embedded database.

If you use the embedded database, you have to move its data to the external database before you start with the installation of the first HA server. 

  1. Create a database schema and a user for the UMS. Use the relevant DBMS program and its documentation. See also Connecting External Database Systems.
  2. Open the UMS Administrator on the existing UMS Server.

    Default path to the UMS Administrator:

    Linux: /opt/IGEL/RemoteManager/
    Windows: C:\Program Files\IGEL\RemoteManager\rmadmin\RMAdmin.exe

    The IGEL UMS Administrator application can only be started on the UMS Server.

  3. Add the new database connection under Datasource > Add. See also How to Set Up a Data Source in the IGEL UMS Administrator.
  4. Select the embedded database (active datasource) and click Copy to copy its contents to the new database. 
  5. Select the new database and click ActivateSee also Activating a Data Source.
    Now, the external database is set up as a datasource for your UMS.

For a concrete example of how to switch to an external database, see Migrating a UMS Database From Embedded DB to Microsoft SQL Server.

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