Menu path: UMS Administration > Global Configuration > Licenses > UMS Licensing ID

The UMS Licensing ID enables the communication between the UMS and the IGEL License Portal (ILP).

The UMS Licensing ID allows for using fully Automatic License Deployment (ALD), that is, Automatic License Deployment without the need to handle an ALD Token with each purchase. For this purpose, the UMS Licensing ID must be registered with the IGEL License Portal. For further information, see Setting up Automatic License Deployment (ALD).

The UMS Licensing ID consists of a public/private key pair. The public key is a certificate and can be exported as a .cert file. The registration of the UMS Licensing ID is done by uploading the certificate file to the IGEL License Portal.

A UMS Licensing ID is not affected or changed when the UMS database is restored from a backup. The UMS Licensing ID does not change if any parameters of the UMS installation are changed, for instance, the host name / IP address. Thus, it can be transferred to any other server. 

For the backup options of the UMS Licensing ID, see UMS Licensing ID Backup and UMS Licensing ID Backup on the Command Line.

UMS Licensing ID

The UMS Licensing ID is generated upon each UMS Server installation. Therefore, if you have a High Availability environment, each of the servers has its own UMS Licensing ID, i.e. Local UMS Licensing ID. For the communication of all HA servers with the ILP, a Main UMS Licensing ID is used. Therefore, the Main UMS Licensing ID must be synchronized between all servers in the HA network, see UMS Licensing ID status below.

Main UMS Licensing ID: The UMS Licensing ID used for communication with the ILP. The first and last 10 characters are displayed.

Export UMS Licensing ID: Export the UMS Licensing ID as a .cert file.

Main UMS Licensing ID fingerprint: The SHA-256 fingerprint of the UMS Licensing ID.

UMS Licensing ID Status

If you are operating a single server, this area shows the status of the UMS Licensing ID for your server.

If you are operating a UMS HA environment, this area lists the UMS Licensing ID status for each server of the HA network. Each server gets the UMS Licensing ID on startup or restart.

Host name: Name of the host server as shown under UMS Administration > UMS Network > Server.

Server status: Status of the server, e.g. "Running"
Possible values:

  • 'Running'
  • 'Not running'

UMS Licensing ID status: Indicates whether the server has the current main UMS Licensing ID or not. If it has the main UMS Licensing ID, the field reads "Main UMS Licensing ID" or "in sync". If not, the server must be restarted to get synchronized. 
Possible values:

UMS Licensing IDThe UMS Licensing ID currently used on the server. The first and last 10 characters are displayed.

UMS Licensing ID fingerprint: The SHA-256 fingerprint of the UMS Licensing ID.