You can create and restore backups of the UMS Licensing ID using the command line program ksbackup.exe. It can be found in the rmadmin sub-directory in the UMS installation directory.


Program Launch Options

-b path/file_name passwordCreates a backup of the specified file secured by a given password.
-r path/file_name passwordRestores the specified backup file with a given password.
-sDuring processing, all program outputs (except error messages) will be suppressed.
  • The part of the path after the last / or \ is always used as the file name. If a backup is created and the file path ends with a / or \, the backup will be saved as umsLicensingIDBackup.ksbak.
  • If a new backup is given a file name of a backup which already exists in this directory, the existing backup will automatically be overwritten.
  • If you are using an HA environment, please note the following:
    It is always the UMS Licensing ID of the local server that is backed up. If this server is part of an HA environment, it is not guaranteed that this local UMS Licensing ID is the same as the main UMS Licensing ID. This has to be manually checked beforehand. If the local UMS Licensing ID does differ from the main UMS Licensing ID, restart the server to get it synchronized. See also Manual Synchronization of the UMS Licensing ID.