You will find the release notes for the IGEL Universal Management Suite 6.07.100 both as a text file in the same folder as the installation programs on our download server and in the Knowledge Base.

High Availability: New Update Procedure

There is now a new HA update method. Though it involves short downtime of the servers, it generally results in faster update time. See Updating the Installation of an HA Network and Updating HA Installation: With Downtime of the Servers.

UMS Web App: Configuration Area Added

The Configuration area has been added where it is now possible to view standard profiles, edit their properties and assign files and devices / device directories to them. For details, see Configuration.

New Methods to Search for Lost Devices

You can search explicitly for devices that did not have any contact with the UMS for a given time. For instructions, see Monitoring Device Health and Searching for Lost Devices.

Prevent Users from Executing Device Mass Actions with the UMS Web App

For more information, see General Administrator Rights.

Asset Inventory Tracker Can Be Disabled

You can disable the Asset Inventory Tracker feature under UMS Administration > Global Configuration > UMS Features > Enable inventory tracking.

User Group Dependency within Multiple Domains is Supported

A group search for a user within all configured domains is now possible. For more information, see Active Directory / LDAP.

UMS Can Be Installed on Microsoft Azure

For more information, see Installing IGEL UMS on Microsoft Azure.