Menu path: UMS Administration > Administrative Tasks > Dialog "Create Administrative Task" > Action "Create backup"

You can define a scheduled backup of the database as an administrative task.


Name: Name for the task.

Action: "Create backup".

Description: Optional description of the task.

Send result as mail

The result of the task will be sent to the specified recipients via email.

The following two options are active if Send result as mail is enabled:

Send to default recipient (not defined)

The email will be sent to the email address defined under Mail Settings > Mail Recipient. Further information can be found under Mail Settings.

Additional recipients: Other email addresses to which the email will be sent. If you enter a number of addresses, you must separate them using a semicolon ";".


The task will be executed at the set time. (Default)

The task will not be executed.


Maximum amount of backups: If the number of backup files defined in Target directory of the data backup package is reached, the oldest backup file will be deleted when a new backup is created. The value "0" means that the number of backup files is unlimited.

Target directory for created backup: Local directory path on the UMS Server in which the backup files are saved.

Ensure that the target directory is a valid local directory path on the UMS Server. The UMS Server can be on a different computer, i.e. not on the one where the UMS Console is located.

Backup components: Select at least one of the following components:

  • "Database (embedded DB only)"
  • "Configurations"
  • "Transfer files (embedded DB only)"

Server Assignment

The Server Assignment settings page is displayed only if you deploy High Availability environment.

Assignment type

Possible options:

  • "One server (random)": The server for this task will be automatically selected from the servers listed under Assigned servers.
  • "One server (select one)": You can select a specific server for this task. The available servers are listed under Assigned servers.
  • "All servers": The task will be executed by all servers.

Assigned servers: List of servers that are available for this task.


Start: Point in time at which the task is executed.

Task starts every [number of time units]

The task will be repeated at the set time interval.

The task will not be repeated at the set time interval.

Weekdays: The task will be executed on the activated weekdays at the point in time specified under Start.

Monthly: The task will be executed monthly at the point in time specified under Start.

Exclude public holidays: The task will not be executed on the days listed in the public holiday lists selected via . Further information on the public holiday lists can be found under Misc.

Expiration: Point in time as of which the task will no longer be repeated.

Administrative Tasks Notification

If you have not set an administrative task "Create Data Backup", after the start of the UMS Console, the following notification pop-up will be shown:

Only users with read permission for administrative tasks can see this notification. You can set the rights under Edit > Access control.

You can manage the display settings under Misc > Settings > Notifications.

You can find the notifications under Help > Notifications