Menu path: UMS Administration > Global Configuration > Device Attributes

In this area, you can set up additional attributes for devices.

The additional device attributes are used when displaying device system information, in views, and in searches.
From UMS Version 5.07.100, attributes with set values can be defined, e.g. to avoid typing errors when entering the values. To do this, select the “List” attribute type and give the values together with any descriptions under Values for the Attribute Type "List".

Click on to set up a new device attribute:

Name: Display name of the attribute

UMS internal identifier: This identifier is only required for creating/editing views or editing searches in text mode, see Creating a New View. You can leave this field empty if you do not plan to use the device attribute in text mode of views and searches. 
You can either generate the internal identifier automatically by clicking 
Generate ID or specify it manually.

The UMS internal identifier must start with a lower-case letter. Only the following characters are allowed: a-z, A-Z, 0-9.

Type: Data type of the attribute
Possible values:

  • String: A sequence of letters, numbers, and special characters is expected.
  • List: A list of values is provided for selection. These values are specified as shown below:
    Values for the Attribute Type "List"
    - Value: Name of the predefined value
    - Description: Optional description of the value
  • Number: A numerical value is expected.
  • Date: A date is expected.

Description: Optional description of the attribute

Using the up and down arrows, you can change the order of the additional attributes.

In the device System Information, you can set the values for the attributes.