Limitations for Special Characters

Some special characters might not be transmitted through the VNC connection. The processing of special characters depends on the following factors:

  • Keyboard layout configured on the VNC client and on the VNC server
  • VNC viewer in use: An external viewer and the internal viewer behave differently. 
  • Firmware version of the endpoint device
  • UMS user interface: The UMS Console and the UMS Web App have different VNC viewers.

To launch a VNC session, proceed as follows:

  1. In the context menu, click Shadowing.
    A connection dialog will appear.
  2. Enter the password if you have set one in the security options.

If you have a user account, you can connect to the UMS Server and launch the IGEL VNC Viewer separately. The IGEL applications folder in the Windows Start Menu contains a link to it.

  1. Enter a host name or the IP address manually on the first tab.
  2. On the second tab, select a device from the structure tree.