In IGEL Shared Workplace, you can use profiles to configure user settings. For further information, see the guide IGEL Shared Workplace - Assigning a User Profile.

Template profiles and template keys cannot be used if Shared Workplace is deployed.

Rule: Profiles that are assigned to users have a higher priority than those that are assigned to devices. This applies to standard profiles and master profiles.

If you allocate a number of profiles, it may be that specific user or client settings are made a number of times. In this case, the following priority of standard profiles applies:

Standard profiles hierarchy

Higher priority


user-specific profiles

device-specific profiles

closer to the user/device

further away from the user/device

User standard profile

Higher priority


primary groups

other groups

other groups

organizational unit

Rule: Profiles that are assigned to an object are prioritized in descending order according to profile ID (highest ID = highest priority).

Rule: Groups within a level are prioritized in alphabetical order.