UMS Web App

  • Fixed: The search does no longer crash handling a massive number of devices.
  • Fixed: A bug inside the Licence Check Service (UMS Web App) for Windows 10 devices resulted in an error that stopped the index service.
  • Fixed: The renaming of Windows 10 devices threw an error inside the Web Application. 
  • Fixed: Logging section inside the UMS WebApp was hidden from AD Group users and superusers.
  • Fixed: The device online check was incorrect if the user had insufficient permissions for the corresponding Cloud Gateway.
  • Fixed: New log messages could sometimes not be deleted if the days value was set to zero.


  • Fixed: Possible errors in views with license criterion combination.

UMS common

  • Fixed: The size limit of log files on some Windows installation did not affect the log files.
  • Fixed: Deadlock occurred when runtime information of devices was updated during copying database to Embedded DB.
  • Fixed: Some log files get very big and are not truncated.

Universal Firmware Update

  • Fixed: Universal Firmware Updates are no longer deleted from UMS WebDAV if the protocol is changed from HTTP(S) (UMS WebDAV) to another protocol.

AD / LDAP integration

  • Fixed: Shared workplace login was not possible if the user had no settings assigned.
  • Added: Extended the Active Directory / LDAP service connection test to give better feedback. (UMS Console -> Administration Tree -> Global Configuration -> Active Directory/LDAP)

IGEL Cloud Gateway (ICG)

  • Fixed: Wildcard certificates were not selectable in the ICG Update KeyStore dialog.

Server, common

  • Fixed: Automatic license deployment mechanism was improved to prevent deadlocks.

High Availability Feature

  • Added: Upgrade installation sequence for HA installations with big databases.

Default Directory Rules

  • Fixed: Default Directory Rules with an IGEL Cloud Gateway criterion could, if applied while registering the device, provide wrong results.