Password Policy - Regular Password Changes

If your password policy involves regular password changes, be aware that changing the AD password requires updating the run options of the Windows Service.

Configuring the UMS Server Windows Service

The Windows service for the UMS Server must run as a domain user that has read and write access to the UMS database.

If this was not changed by the installation, the administrator must do it manually before the SQL Server database is activated in the UMS Administrator. You can use the Windows app Services or the command line.

High Availability

In case of an HA installation or update, this must be done on ALL UMS Server hosts.

Using the "Services" App

  1. Start the "Services" app of Windows and select Properties for the service IGEL RMGUIServer
  2. On the General tab, change the Startup type to "Automatic (Delayed Start)".
  3. Switch to the Log On tab and edit the settings as follows:
    • This account: Set this to the domain user with database access and local windows administrator rights.
    • Password: Enter the password for the domain user.
    • Confirm Password: Repeat the password for the domain user.
  4. Restart the service.

Using the Command Line

  1. Enter the following command: sc config IGELRMGUIServer obj=[domain]\[username] password=[password] start=delayed-auto
  2. Enter the following commands to restart the service:
    sc stop IGELRMGUIServer
    sc start IGELRMGUIServer

Activating the Database

The activation of an SQL Server database is done with the UMS Administrator as usual. The native connection uses the credentials of the domain user that started the UMS Administrator to access the database. This user must have database access and local Windows admin rights. No additional credentials must be defined.

To activate the database:

  1. In the UMS Administrator, select Datasource and then click Add....
  2. In the New Datasource dialog, edit the settings as follows:
    • DB type: Select "SQL Server AD Native".
    • Host: Enter the name of the host on which the MS SQL database is running.
    • Port: Enter the port on which the MS SQL database service is listening.
    • Schema: Enter "DBO".
    • Database / SID: Enter the name of the database.
  3. Click Activate.
    The Define UMS superuser username and password dialog opens.
  4. Enter the username and the password of the UMS superuser and click Ok.

    Your UMS is set up for connecting to the Microsoft SQL Server database via Active Directory.