The following system settings are not configurable in the user profile:

  • Network settings including those for the network drives
  • Screen configuration for IGEL Linux v5 to 5.05.100 and for IGEL Linux v4 to 4.13.100.

    Depending on the hardware used, display errors may occur if the user changes the resolution or rotates the screen even under IGEL Linux from Release 4.14.100. See the How-To document Display Configuration for Shared Workplace.
  • Touchscreen configuration
  • Update settings
  • Security settings
  • Remote management
  • Customer-specific partition
  • Server for background images

    With IGEL version 10.03.500 or higher, background images and the custom wallpaper server can be defined for each individual user via Shared Workplace.
  • Customer-specific bootsplash
  • Browser plug-ins
  • SCIM entry methods, however, these can be enabled on a user-specific basis
  • Three-button mouse emulation
  • Appliance Mode (VMware View, Citrix XenDesktop and Spice)