Menu path: Structure tree > Profiles

With the new knowledge about profiles, you can start to apply this feature.

To ensure that you can use all new features of IGEL OS:

 Update your UMS to the current version.

 For all relevant profiles, set Based on to the appropriate firmware version.

To create a new profile in the UMS:

  1. Select New Profile under System > New or in the context menu of the corresponding option in the structure tree  
    import a previously created profile. See Exporting and Importing Profiles.
    The New Profile dialog window will appear.

  2. Enter a Name and a Description for the profile.
  3. For an "empty" profile that will not use any existing settings, you must select a firmware version for the new profile.
  4. Click Expert mode if you want to use a profile with existing settings.

  5. Now you can specify whether the new profile Inherits Settings from an existing profile or device.

  6. Select the appropriate firmware under Based on.
  7. Select one of the possible options:
    • Activate no settings: Initially there are no active parameters.
    • Activate all settings: All available parameters of the profile will be active.
    • Overwrite Sessions: All free instances will be overwritten by the profile.

    Attention! Before changing the default settings in this option, inform yourself about the consequences of other options in New Profile - Options. Activating all settings will block all settings in the local setup! Overwrite Sessions should be activated only in exceptional cases. With this option, you can override free instances of all other profiles.
  8. Click OK to set up and save the profile.

    The new profile will be placed in the selected profile directory. If no directory is selected, the new profile will be put directly in the directory Profiles.
  9. Make your settings.
  10. Click Apply to save the settings without quitting the profile.
  11. Click Save to save the settings and quit the profile.

    For a better overview, it is recommended to organize profiles using subdirectories.