You will find the release notes for IGEL Universal Management Suite 6.09.100 both as a text file in the same folder as the installation programs on our download server and in the Knowledge Base.

Text Expert Mode of Views: Auto-completion for Operators

When you create or edit a view in the text expert mode and need to enter an operator, you can now use auto-completion for this purpose. Unsupported operators are recognized as syntax errors. See How to Create a New View in the IGEL UMS.

Monitoring Endpoint for Requesting the Status of the UMS Server

With the monitoring endpoint, you can check the process / service states for the UMS Server, see How to Check the Current State of the IGEL UMS Server through Your Existing Monitoring Solution.

UMS Administrator Command-Line Interface

The UMS Administrator command-line interface allows you to control the UMS Administrator via a terminal and to automatize UMS Administrator actions via scripting. See IGEL UMS Administrator Command-Line Interface.

ICG Certificates as Part of the Support Information

If the IGEL Cloud Gateway is configured, the basic information on the used ICG certificates will be included in a ZIP file which you send to IGEL support via Help > Save support information, see Support Wizard in the IGEL UMS.

UMS Web App: Login Brute-Force Protection

To prevent brute-force attacks, a user account will now be blocked for some time after several failed login attempts, see How to Log In to the IGEL UMS Web App.