• UMS 5.09.100 or higher

  • Any of the devices listed under Supported Devices

  • The IGEL iOS app IGEL MDM Enrollment must be installed on your device.

    The IGEL MDM Enrollment app is available free of charge from the Apple App Store.

  • The UMS must be connected to the Apple Push Service, see the MDM Setup Guide.

This how-to explains the necessary steps to connect iOS mobile devices to the UMS using the IGEL Mobile Device Enrollment app.


To connect a mobile device to the UMS, proceed as follows:

  1. Switch on your mobile device and start the IGEL MDM Enrollment app.
    You will be presented with a screen to choose between Scan QR-Code and Manual Input:
  2. Tap Scan QR-Code:
  3. With your mobile device's cam, scan the QR code under UMS Administration > Global Configuration > Mobile Devices.

    If for any reason you cannot use your mobile device's cam, please use Manual Input and manually enter the connection details available under UMS Administration > Global Configuration > Mobile Devices. The required format is https://[host or IP]:port

  4. Click Enroll.
    Your device's default browser (usually Apple Safari) will open a link to automatically download the MDM profile file.

    When presented an HTTPS error, select Show details > Visit website.

  5. Accept all warnings and allow installing the enrollment profile ("Remote Management").

    If you receive the error "Profile Installation Failed", see the troubleshooting article Profile Installation Fails When Connecting Mobile Device to the ICG.

  6. In the UMS Console, reload the navigation tree.

    Your mobile device is now listed in the Mobile Devices folder.