Menu path: Structure tree> Jobs 

Execution Results appear in the view for a completed job. Here, you are given an overview of the status for the execution of a job. You can choose items from the overview using a selection list. This results view can be deleted and updated using two buttons. The following -message- job status reports are issued for the assigned devices:

Being executed

The job is currently being executed.


The job is complete, all assigned devices have been dealt with.

Out of time

The job was aborted before all assigned devices could be dealt with because the abort time or the maximum duration has been reached.


The job was stopped for an unknown reason (e.g. server failure).

The job execution status is also displayed for the devices:


The command is currently being executed. The server is waiting for a reply.


The job is running, the command will be executed when the next process is available.


The command was successfully executed or transferred to the device.


Aborted owing to an internal error or an unknown cause.


The command could not be executed, the reason is shown in the message column.

At next boot

The command will be executed when the device next boots.

Not done

The command was not executed because the time-out for the job was reached.