In the IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS), you can export device settings. All changed settings are saved in the exported file, i.e. all settings which deviate from the default values, no matter if they are set via the UMS profiles or locally on the device.

Exporting device settings can be necessary for support purposes (see Exporting the Local Configuration of the IGEL OS Device) or if you want, for example, to import them later as a profile (see Import Devices as Profiles) and, by using the compare profile settings function, compare the existing configurations of one device with configurations of another device in order to find out the differences in settings. 

If you want to export / import purely profiles, see Exporting and Importing Profiles.

Menu path: System > Export > Export Device Settings

To export device settings, proceed as follows:

  1. If you would like to preselect devices, highlight the desired devices or directories in the UMS Console > Devices.

  2. Go to System > Export > Export Device Settings or Devices > [device's context menu] > Export Device Settings.

    In the Export Device Settings window, the previously selected devices or all available devices will be displayed.

  3. Select the devices whose settings you want to export.

  4. With Create archive, specify how the settings are to be saved:

    A dedicated XML file will be created for each device. The XML files will be combined in a ZIP archive.

    The settings for all devices will be saved in a single XML file.

  5. In UMS 6.10.130 or higher, you can specify whether passwords should be exported:
    • Exclude all passwords: All passwords will be excluded, i.e. replaced with a placeholder in the exported file. (Default)
      If you import the exported device settings later as a profile (see Import Devices as Profiles), no passwords will be included. You will have to set the passwords anew.
    • Include all passwords (encrypted): All passwords will be included in the exported file and encrypted. 
      If you import the exported device settings later as a profile, all passwords will be imported too and can further be used.

  6. Click OK and select a save location.

  7. Click Save.