Solution Based on Experience from the Field

This article provides a solution that has not been approved by the IGEL Research and Development department. Therefore, official support cannot be provided by IGEL. Where applicable, test the solution before deploying it to a productive environment.


HA servers are out of sync preventing devices from registering in the UMS and throwing a license error.


  • High Availability (HA) environment
  • Firmware version: any
  • UMS version: 6.01 or higher


Devices are not able to register in the UMS. Licenses are applied correctly. 2 servers appear in sync and another one is out of sync.


Issue is related to the UMS Licensing ID. A workaround / solution is to back up the UMS Licensing ID from the UMS Administrator and restore it to the out-of-sync server. See Manual Synchronization of the UMS Licensing ID.